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August 23, 2017
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This Site is meant to offer a platform for all who take an interest in Hans Rott: musicians, musicologists and amateurs. It continues to be extended further and will facilitate resp. enable access to information which (up to now) could be obtained either only with difficulties or not at all. Especially interesting events (concerts, lectures, broadcasts) will be announced.

At the same time, this site shall be an open forum. We therefore highly appreciate contributions of any kind, also and above all reviews of concerts or CDs.

Opinions expressed in signed articles may differ from the editor's opinion.

Thanks to

o Martin Griesemer
o Dr Uwe Harten
o Erwin Horn
o Dr Helmuth Kreysing
o Frank Litterscheid
o Tatsuro Ouchi
o Caroline Prozeller
o Steve Reveyoso
o Johannes Volker Schmidt
o Steve Vasta
o Hannelore Wirth

I am not responsible for the contents of sites that may be reached via external links as I have no influence on their arrangement.

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